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Laser & Air Abrasion

State-of-the-art Technology

We provide patients with the opportunity to have laser treatments that fight tooth decay, gum disease and discoloration. Laser dentistry may reduce pain in the dental procedure and reduce the need for anesthesia. It also may calm the patient during the procedure and helps with bleeding and swelling. Most importantly, laser dentistry may help preserve the natural tooth during dental procedures.

Ask the staff at Albany Dental Care about whether laser dentistry is right for your procedure and overall dental health.

If the drills of the past give you anxiety, Albany Dental Care has your solution. We use Waterlase technology, a laser that allows the dentist to perform many procedures without the drill. In many cases, Waterlase allows the patient to avoid anesthesia as well. The Waterlase is completely safe for human tissue.

Since teeth are partially made up of water, this technology works with the makeup of the tooth itself to keep it hydrated while undergoing repair. It also prevents heat during the process, and patients have a virtually pain free experience. Additionally, the Waterlase can save patients time because dental professionals can perform cleanings with the Waterlase; patients can have their cleanings and procedures all at once – with the same instrument!

These lasers are accurate and precise. Suitable for both children and adults, this new technology is also safer. While the drill can cause cracking and pain, the Waterlase technology only affects the damaged area of the tooth and protects the healthy part. Ask us about how Waterlase can make a difference in your dental health.

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